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The use of touch-screen devices is transforming teaching and learning. As an educator, we can help you build bespoke apps to help you manage your students and to deliver to them smart phone and tablet tools to enhance their learning.
For students, rich-content, expertly-curated apps, such as the Natural History Museum’s NHM Evolution, are exceptional educational resources. NHM Evolution is rated four-star by the Educational App Store. Their review for teachers and lecturers opens: The National History Museum of London’s ‘NHM Evolution’ packages together a quite astounding amount of fossil research and geological information into a very well-presented app.


We can help you transform your existing content and assets into compelling touch-screen visitor experiences with unparalleled educational values. Your apps will encourage and inform visitors to exhibitions, enhance their experience immeasurably while they are there and then provide a lasting contact and memento of their visit.
Rich content apps provide you with exceptional opportunities to publish globally. NHM Evolution is an extraordinary example, including many hundreds of Natural History Museum fossil records and providing the Museum’s palaeontological department a platform to deliver one-to-one tutorials.


The right app will grow your community with content and functionality that enhances and complements your work on screen and on the page. For Levi Roots, the celebrity cook and creator of Reggae-Reggae Caribbean-style sauces, his Sunshine Food app is not just a high-quality recipe app, it’s a vehicle for his songs too!


We can enhance your brand, attract new customers and give them a new way to buy your products.
Seed Pantry is a fast-growing, on-line, grow-your-own veg business. Seed Pantry customers are city- and town-based foodies who want to grow their own healthy ingredients in containers and small spaces. The Seed Pantry app not only provides a mobile sales channel for Seed Pantry seeds, plants and growing products, it is also an attractive tool for growers, offering a unique “Crop Clock” feature that you can set whenever you plant new seeds. Your crop clocks will remind you to pot-on and water and when your crops will be ready to harvest.
If you need to steer and manage your clients more effectively, we can deliver process improvement apps that combine smart phone screens for your clients with PC screens for your managers.


Our latest app is a war grave finder for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. It gives a dynamic mobile capability to the Commissions unique database of more than 23,000 cemeteries in 153 countries. Launching such a tool (which has full mapping capability)to war grave tourists during the centenary of World War I provides a very powerful marketing platform.